Backup Plus (BP)

If you got important data, BP has you covered. Backup Plus specializes in data backup and protection. This software helps to add the most important level of protection to your critical information, data backups. BP not only backs up your data but also includes Active Protect which helps protects your system from scandals such as ransomware or wipers. With its Machine Learning module, this software can adapt to the quick changing tactics of cybercriminals. When combined with cloud backup storage your data will be protected even in the event of hardware failure or nature disastrous. With the help from the BigO Support team and the tools from Backup Plus your company’s data will be safe from any types of data catastrophe.

  • Physical and virtual systems
    • Protect both physical and virtual systems in one service
  • File and full disk-image backup
    • Backup selected files or full disk images
  • Mobile devices and Office 365
    • Protect data beyond servers and workstations
  • Local and cloud storage
    • Store backups locally and to our safe cloud storage servers. Additional cloud storage cost may apply.
  • Bare-metal recovery
    • Recover to the same or dissimilar hardware
  • Improved availability
    • Instantly recover any backup image, replicate a virtual machine (VM), and fail over to a replicated virtual machine
  • Multi-level security
    • Ensure the safety of your data with AES-256 encryption, SSL encrypted channel management, and password protection
  • BP Active Protect
    • Stops and protects against Ransomware without disrupting your work

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