This software is the backbone to BigO Support, as it contains the remote access software that allows our technicians to discretely monitor and manage your IT network without disrupting your employees. Our RMM software will also generate reports to help you plan and budget for any future IT expenses to optimize your companies technological power. With this software, BigO Support will be able to ensure your IT network and assets remain operational allowing you to focus more on your company and less on your network.

Key features to BigO Support’s RMM:

  • ScreenConnect remote connection client on all workstations and servers
    • Allows support technicians to gain remote access to systems
  • Continual monitor of the health and performance of your IT Network devices
  • Early detection and remediation of issues before they cause downtime and data loss
  • Generate regular reports that provide insight into your IT systems
  • Automatic Microsoft updates
  • Automatic common 3rd party updates
  • Manage support tickets right from your computer

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