Ransomware Is Alive And Well

By now, you’re likely familiar with the threat of ransomware, and hopefully that is through training and not experience. While ransomware may not dominate the headlines the way it used to, don’t get fooled into thinking cybercriminals have retired this attack – it is alive and well.   What is ransomware?   In case you’re unfamiliar, ransomware is a malicious software that blocks computer access until a ransom demand is paid. Ransomware has been around for a long time, in Continue Reading

How to Spot a Phish

Phishing scams have become one of the most common forms of cybercrime today. Millions of people fall for Phishing scams every day, you may even know some who has fallen for a phishing scam. Phishing e-mails are a great danger to not only your computer, it can also lead to having your identity stolen, or worse it could cause a massive security risk to your business. These e-mails are more concerning due to the fact Continue Reading