Passwords – Outdated and Dangerous, But Necessary?

Here’s a quick test – what do these seemingly random alphanumerical groupings have in common?   123456  password 123456789  12345678  12345 111111  1234567  sunshine  qwerty  iloveyou That is a list of the top ten passwords used in 2018. Recognize any of these? If you don’t, you’re not necessarily in the clear, but your chance of becoming compromised or hacked is far less than someone who uses one of these passwords. If you do recognize these, you’re certainly testing your luck.   These days, Continue Reading

What is the Dark Web

What is the Dark Web and Why Should We Care?  You’re happily humming along on the internet, thinking you’ve got a pretty good understanding. You can navigate your way around Google, Facebook, Amazon, and news sites. You’re actually only visiting four percent of the internet. There’s a whole world hiding beyond these safe surface-level sites, known as the Dark Web and it’s a much less hospitable place.  What exactly is the Dark Web?  The Dark Web is Continue Reading

What is NOC and Help Desk

Technology is in every aspect of business, making it no secret that there is a growing need for companies to monitor and manage their business technology without breaking the bank. We hear different terminology with no real explanation behind it, which can leave you feeling like you are in the dark when finding IT solutions. We want to explain two terms that lead to a lot of confusion, Help Desk and NOC, and how these Continue Reading

Teaching Online Safety to Your Children

With schools being held online kids are spending more time online than ever. It is important that you educate your children about the dangers lurking online and how to practice safety while online. This will lead them to online practices that they will carry with them, helping keep them virtually safe. Here are 5 tips to help start your discussion about online safety with your children: