Do You Validate?

“Excuse me, Sir, do you validate parking?” Okay, we’re not talking about parking validation but something that could cost you a lot more, backup data validation. Your company has a backup disaster recovery solution, so you think you’re good, right? How good is a backed up if the data is corrupted? When was the last time you checked that the files were being properly stored? Don’t wait until you’re dealing with data loss to realize Continue Reading

Where to Store My Data

So, you are looking into backup solutions? Awesome! Which option should you go with when it comes to where you should store your data? There are 3 main options of how to have your data stored: physical, cloud, or hybrid.  We’ll go over the pros, cons, and recommendations to help you with making the right decision. Physical Locally Stored Solutions: Uses a physical device on your local network or computer to store your backup data on.  This option gives you physical access Continue Reading

Back that Data Up!

March is here! And that means WORLD BACKUP DAY! Okay, maybe nobody else is that excited for it but we are! Backing up your data and confirming the validity of those backups is so important. What would happen if your computer crashed today? How many contacts or contracts would you lose? This can be a huge burden on small companies since losing even a single day worth of data may cost your company, not just money, but it’s reputation as well.  Validity of Backups  If you have some form of Continue Reading