What You Can Do to Not Become A Cyber-Attack Statistic

Cyber-attacks and Cyber Security Training Most people today know about scams such as a Nigerian prince needing someone to send them money. However, criminals have become clever at hiding their attempts to gain access to your personal and business’s information. In 2018 “Thirty-one percent of organizations have experienced cyber-attacks on operational technology infrastructure” (Cisco Cybersecurity Report). What does this mean to you? Well, Verizon’s 2017 report shows that “61 percent of breach victims in 2017 Continue Reading

Collaboration: Microsoft Teams and BigO Services

Tis the season for celebrating family, friends, and team work. Collaboration has proven to be a huge benefit for productivity, which is a plus for your employees and company. It is important to select the right team members for a project, members who bring a unique and experienced perspective on the project subject. It is just as important to select the right collaboration software for your team. Microsoft Teams offers a versatile collaboration software that Continue Reading