4 Things That Managed Services Can Save Your Business

What is a managed IT service? Managed IT service is when a company outsources the responsibility of maintaining and improving network functions to a specialized contractor or company. This is an alternative to the expensive break/fix option, where you wait for something to break causing your company downtime while an expensive technician comes to fix all the problems at once. This may cost you hours to days of down time, plus the time that your network could have been working at peak efficiency. If you are unsure about a managed IT service for your company here are 4 things to consider: 

Save money

  • Flat, monthly rate 
  • Repair fees, routine maintenance, support – everything is included 
  • This makes budgeting for IT a real possibility – no surprises 
  • You can invest this money elsewhere – use it to grow your business, educate your staff, expand your reach, etc. 

Save time

  • Forget about downtime – issues are resolved immediately 
  • Support is available – which means your staff will not have to sit around waiting for help 
  • Save time and stay productive 

Save resources

  • No longer worry about fixing things in-house 
  • You will have a team of experts dedicated to helping you – which means your staff can do their jobs 
  • Save resources and keep your team doing what they do best – leave the specs and bytes to a team who knows specs and bytes 

Save face

  • Keep outdated, inept technology out of your business 
  • Remain modern and well-oiled, and benefit from a more positive reputation 
  • Save face and gain a stronger competitive edge

Reach out to speak with a specialist from BigO Services to find out how we can help your company with our managed IT services.

What are your thoughts?