What You Can Do to Not Become A Cyber-Attack Statistic

Cyber-attacks and Cyber Security Training
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Most people today know about scams such as a Nigerian prince needing someone to send them money. However, criminals have become clever at hiding their attempts to gain access to your personal and business’s information. In 2018 “Thirty-one percent of organizations have experienced cyber-attacks on operational technology infrastructure” (Cisco Cybersecurity Report). What does this mean to you? Well, Verizon’s 2017 report shows that “61 percent of breach victims in 2017 were businesses with less than 1,000 employees” (2017 Data Breach Investigations Report). Are you at risk?

What you can do

One of the best things you can do to protect your company is to give your staff proper cyber security awareness training. Cyber security training, combined with enterprise antivirus software like ESET Endpoint Protection and data recovery software such as Acronis, can dramatically lower your risk of becoming a victim.

Most attacks find their way in through employees that do not know the ins and outs of cyber security. Cyber security training has been on the rise as companies see the damage that can occur from a cyber-attack. Breach Secure Now offers online cyber security classes for employees, and they stay up-to-date with the new techniques that criminals use. Employees will learn about security techniques, such as email phishing, personal device attacks, and how to protect your network. You have training for securing your offices, now you can have training to secure your data.

Damage after a cyber attack

Most people have heard of at least one company that fell victim to a cyber-attack. The damage done to the company is painful. There is a loss of trust between the clients and the company. As information pours from the company’s computer into the hands of a devious criminal, the company’s reputation bleeds out as well. A cyber-attack can spell out doom for a small or starting company. Clients have expectations from businesses to do all they can to protect their information. The best way to help clients feel secure with your company, and their information, is to have proven security techniques in place.


Integrating cyber security in your offices can be easy and will help protect your company from vicious attacks. With our online security training course and continues micro training videos, we help give you the power to implicate training whenever it works best. Give your clients the peace of mind knowing you are doing what you can to protect them. Don’t become another statistic in the year 2019.

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