Tips and Tricks for Creating Passwords

Ugh! Must create a new password again! It can be difficult looking at things around you to create a password that is strong, and you can remember it. Here are 4 tips and tricks to help you create a more secure password system.

Use a phrase. 

  • Around 12 letters long 
  • Something simple to remember, but hard to crack 
  • Can integrate things you like or do to make it more memorable 
  • Example: ilovecookiesandcreme

Play with spellings. 

  • Use homonyms 
  • Two instead of To 
  • Ant instead of Aunt 
  • Example: iheartcookiesncreme

Random capitalizations and numbers. 

  • Use numbers and capitalizations but keep it memorable 
  • If you go overboard, your password will be impossible to remember 
  • Idea: Can use a capital letter on the second word of every password 
  • Idea: Can use the same number behind the first word of every password 
  • Example: IheartCookies&Creme

Keep each account unique. 

  • Never use the same password more than once 

What are your thoughts?