Guidelines To Revamping Your Website

Right now, a lot of focus is on your company’s website, but when was the last time you looked over it yourself? It may be time to revamp your content, update your information, and give your website some TLC. Here are 4 tips we advise when looking at giving your website a beautiful make over: 

Keep it short

  • Use bullets, shorter sentences, and simple diction
  • Consumers read very little and will never read through an entire paragraph 
  • Less is better – try to get your point, your brand, your message across in as few words as possible 

Focus on pain points

  • Sell the problem, not the product 
  • Consumers relate more to problems than they do to your product 

Make it about the consumer

  • Take yourself and your business out of the picture 
  • Focus on the targeted industry and your consumer 
  • Do not be afraid to use the word “you” 

Make it unique

  • Produce website that shows your personality – whether it is professional or laid back 
  • Spice up the call-to-actions and the headlines 
  • Make yourself look different than every other website selling the same product as you 

What are your thoughts?