What is NOC and Help Desk

Technology is in every aspect of business, making it no secret that there is a growing need for companies to monitor and manage their business technology without breaking the bank. We hear different terminology with no real explanation behind it, which can leave you feeling like you are in the dark when finding IT solutions. We want to explain two terms that lead to a lot of confusion, Help Desk and NOC, and how these resources can help fulfill your needs. 

What is Help Desk and NOC 

NOC is an acronym for Network Operations Center. NOC focuses on actively monitoring systems, networks, security, performance, and backups. This is done behind the scenes without any end user interaction.

Help Desk is your direct support contact point. This is where problems directly affecting end users are addressed.  When you call, email, text, or chat with a support technician this is handled by the Help Desk team.

Help Desk and NOC work hand in hand to keep your network running efficiently daily, while making sure your specific needs are met.  If a problem arises that the Help Desk cannot help with your ticket will be passed to the NOC to address the problem with a more technical approach.  

Why does this matter? 

Why should you understand the difference between a Help Desk and NOC? Because it is imperative that your IT solution has both resources. Without a Help Desk the NOC can easily become more focused on small day to day problems that your network integrity suffers, and a Help Desk is not equipped to handle all system and serves alone. In this case, it takes two to tango! 

What are your thoughts?